Don’t sign on the dotted line.

I like cute coffee mugs.
I like calendars and polka dots.
I like books but I hate just sitting and reading.
I like ideas and creativity.
I like white but I love color.
I like summer but always look forward to fall.
I consider myself an extrovert yet I am terrible at starting conversations.
I contradict myself more than anything. Anything.
And yet I still love what I love. I don’t change myself to adapt to the other things I like. So what my favorite color is pink but I wear mainly blue? Who cares if that coffee mug is here just for me to look at? Yes, I do laugh at myself. No I’m not sorry. A year ago I would apologize for getting excited about something no one else really cared about, this year I’m owning up to it. Last year I would change for not just others but for my own confirmation, now not so much. I am a little odd. I tweet a little too much. I giggle in awkward situations. My mood changes from day to night in 23.5 seconds. I wear sweatshirts in the middle of summer. My bathroom is almost never clean but my calendar is color coordinated. I love being sassy but feel slightly guilty when I am. Cliche sayings are my favorite. Taylor Swift has entered my life for the 3rd time. I jump around and sing and dance for no reason. I fangirl side stage before performing. I am competitive and I take things quite literally. I don’t need anyone’s permission to do these things or feel that way. There is no mandatory parent signature at the bottom of the page. It is my own approval. So if I want to go play imaginary games then I am going to (I’m not but I could if I wanted.) There is no deadline to get my approval in because odds are it’s going to change…constantly..maybe every 23.5 seconds. But I never have to be set on who I am detail for detail, as long as I follow the outline I set up for myself I am in the clear. I can and will change. I can and will be who I want to be in the moment. I can and will be me. And the “me” I am can and will change and it can and will break the laws of self acceptance. I will be crazy, I will be tapping my foot to that rock song while wearing a headband and pearls. I can and will be my own person. A person that builds off of other’s positive qualities and learn from others faux pas. And I will most defiantly make my own uh ohs and have the moments where I just wasn’t to slide under the desk and disappear for a little while. And that’s OK as long as at the end of the day I say my prayers and thank God for that learning experience, because that’s all life really is, one big learning experience. I’ve never lived this day before and no one else has either. No two people are exactly alike, no two snowflakes are exactly alike, no two days are exactly alike. So today I stop apologizing for learning, I stop asking for someone to sign off on my next move, I go.
Love, hugs, and no more signatures- Molly.


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