Happy Birthday!

You can not honestly tell me there is not a person in your life that every time you are with them you think “Wow. This person is pretty dang awesome. I even feel like a better person just by being close with you. Wow.” You could call this person role model, mentor, friend, idol, but I call this person Nana. Today is her birthday and I know she reads every single one of these and loves it. So I was thinking on how to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in a creative way and what better than tell you all about her?! This woman is strong. She has endured many a hardship and always seems to come out bettered by them. She has taught me and my cousins how to love unconditionally and that family is there for the long haul. She is the picture of class and elegance in every way. Her laugh makes you feel happy and seeing her upset makes you just want to encase her in a hug that never ends. HUGS YOU HAVE NEVER FELT A HUG LIKE HERS. It’s one of those that is super tight at first loosens just a smig and then one final tight squeeze in the end, talk about feeling loved! I think that is one of the greatest things I’ve learned from her, to love like there is no tomorrow and squeeze your people tight, to pray for them as if they were already headed to hell but in the same breath let them know they are expected to be in heaven sitting right there with her. Her love for us all is inspiring. When I said this lady was strong you don’t understand what I mean. My grandfather past away this July and still talking and thinking about him gets me all chocked up. My Nana was married to him for 50 years, and I only knew him for 15. This was the first major loss for most of my family and it hit hard and close to home Nana handled it all and was the glue to our family through out the entire processes and continues to be through this first year. I pray that I may someday have the strength, patients, love and class she does.

All my love and happy birthday Nana!


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