Busy busy bee!

So I am literally laying in bed thinking about this FABULOUS weekend and how I CANT WAIT until summer. And yes those emotions must be in all caps to properly display my feelings. This weekend my sister and mom escaped for her 14th birthday and left the rest of us in the dust..bummer? Really though they had fun and were missed but let’s be real. Pee wee Sherman and shopping went down up in here and there are ZERO complaints! Saturday my confirmation sponsor and I went out for lunch and prayed for the unborn babies (in 72 degree weather-– God really is good!). Sunday (aka today) Maeve and I went shopping and I was told I was a pretty darn cool big sister.


FullSizeRender (1)

She discovered sweet tea and J. crew. And I now own a pencil skirt.  Sorry not sorry?

As you know (maybe maybe not) my sisters and I are Irish dancers (WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE REAL I THOUGHT THEY WERE EXTINCT!) these past few and upcoming weeks have been crazy:: full of practices, lipstick, and wigs. Today we had out final run through for the biggest performances of the weekend and let me tell you tensions were high! Today cuts were made, line ups finalized, and tears shed (not from the Burns clan though!) I am happy to say all 3 of us girls made it and our studio will be showcasing 2 new dances!! Fun times!!

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Lastly form this full of fun weekend I applied for the Woman’s Foundation’s Board of Young Leaders. Say what. Ya, I know. All I know foe sure is that there is a group interview within this month! But hey figured that would be a good way to say:: HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY! To all you powerful chicks out there–we are the future, am I right?

On that note good luck to you all finishing this last week before spring break and if you’re on it now party hard (with Jesus of course, can I get an Amen?)!

Sending you love, hugs, and loads of sunshine!



Stop the glorification of busy


It used to be that if you asked someone “how are you?” the response was typically, “Fine, thank you.”Now it seems that the most overused answer to the age-old question is, “BUSY.”Why is this? Are we truly all that busy or do we say it because are we afraid we won’t look like we are trying hard enough at work, at home, with our kids, in life?? I suppose it is a little of both. We do try to schedule too much in our given 24 hours a day and often times, we probably do so because it is what “we are expected to do.”I have had the pleasure of working from home the last two days because of a snowmaggden outside. Not being able to leave the house changes ones perspective. Sure I still worked remotely and there was still laundry, cleaning, shoveling and cooking that had to get one. But between myself and our three girls contributing, our pace was, dare I say, relaxed. And… you know what? I believe I accomplished more these last two days than I would have during my typical “busy” days. Not only did I accomplish more but I had some extra time. Extra time to write this blog post that Molly has been begging me to write but I have been too busy to do so. Extra time to respond thoughtfully to some work emails instead of my usual quick responses. Extra time to play card games with the girls in the evening instead of running them to their activities. The snow will melt and we will be back at our busy pace soon. But I will think twice before I embrace being too busy. I will look for ways to de-clutter my day’s agenda so that I can experience the day vs surviving the day. I will stop glorifying being busy.


From the beginning we have had to learn how to balance.  From Toddling back and forth when learning how to walk. We fall and fall again until we find our balance, one foot in front of the other. We hop around on one foot until realizing that focusing on something still helps us not wobble. Falling off our bike time after time until figuring out how to distribute our weight evenly throughout the bike. All things we learn by trial and error. Now as we get older we can easily walk, stand on one foot, and ride a bike but we may not as easily balance our work/school life, home life, and social life. These things also take time to master.

This is my problem. I mean who doesn’t love leaving the house at 7 and not getting home until 10:30? I love being busy but it has gotten to the point where I don’t know how to focus on one thing, I can’t keep my lives separate. I can’t just watch t.v. I must be doing something else too. When I am at school I’m not thinking about balancing equations I am thinking about dance. When I am hanging out with my friends I feel guilty because there is so much at home for me to be doing. At dance I am worrying about that English test I have tomorrow. It never stops. And as I said I don’t know it any other way. That is how I live my life. Don’t get me wrong I loooove having my life busy, less time for me to get into trouble! But learning how to balance it all can be a mess. I try lots of things and it all comes back to writing it down. Even if I know I will be at dance 5-9:30 every Tuesday and Thursday I still write it down. It helps me keep life a tad bit more organized. But who’s to say if that is the best way for YOU? We all work different . I would love to hear about what you do, always looking for helpful ways of keeping my stress level down!

love and hugs- Molly.