Feeling gutted.

Um what. Is this some new hip term? Nope. Its me not really knowing how to describe how I’m feeling. I think that’s the worse. It’s one thing to know your mad or sad or upset but not knowing how you feel or why you feel it sucks. There is no way I can frill up that sentence. It just sucks. I feel like a teenage girl—EW. NO. NOT MY THING.

Mixed emotions suck.
Cancer sucks.
Cousins rock.
Hugs rock.
Words are confusingly beautiful.
Beginnings are scary.
The future (even just the tomorrow future) is scary.
Time flies.
People say hi and bye too frequently.
The hellos are fab.
The good byes leave you wishing they didn’t fly home.
Hugs are a necessity.
Pink lemonade makes it all a little sweeter.
Late night girl talks are my fav.
Summer is no where near long enough.
Pep talks for others all of a sudden are for yourself.

and chocolate.

Welcome to my world. So much thinking, so little getting done. But this is where I am today and that is OK. I am OK. Time isn’t slowing down and that’s OK. But soon OK needs to improve because the moment we stop trying to be better than OK, it turns bad. So tomorrow I will get up and go spend the day with 5 yr olds teaching them how to dance better than OK. So I will make tomorrow a step better than OK. Soon OK will be good.


Butterflies vs wasps

We all get that feeling in our tummies when we are nervous/excited… most people call it butterflies, which is exactly what we call it around this home. Butterflies. Personally I believe butterflies are a sign of goodness (yes, that is how I chose to word that. A teenager is sometimes is allowed to break the laws of grammar. Plus I think you all would rather me break the laws of grammar vs the laws of the police, am I right?). They are a good sign. But what happens when you are nervous? Unfortunately, I naturally am nervous more than excited. I think it may be the fact that I over think EVERYTHING, but whatever, not the theme of the post for today. Now wasps they buzz around just like butterflies, but they are a sign of badness  (there I go again, *tisk tisk*). So I think wasps are reserved for when we are nervous and butterflies when we are excited. Now when saying this, I am aware that they feel the same, why I don’t know and am not particularly interested in finding out (body chemical wise), but I do find that thought pondering.  This summer during dance camp we had different dance teachers come in and give us a sneak peek into how they do it.   Also we had a theater guy come in and give us tips on stage presence and what not.  He was the one that brought this into my head. He brought up the point of “you choose.” You choose if you want it to be butterflies or wasps. Granted he didn’t word that the same way. But ya know, when it works it works. So this is my mindset this week. I want to be excited vs. nervous. I choose butterflies. When I hit the stage this weekend that is all I will be thinking. Butterflies…oh and FACE don’t forget you FACIALS!

Love and hugs- Molly