Crazyness aka our life

AHH! It has been what? Over a week…yikes…sorry ’bout that! Life has been a wee bit, well, crazy. We are going up and down and all around. As we leave the house we are always saying “hey Mom I need this for that!” or ” Molly don’t forget whatever.” and the infamous ” Do you have any tests today?!”. As the mid-term roles around the stress levels build, and build, and build. Life gets a little crazier and crazier and crazier everyday. When we stop and take a breath it is like we don’t know what to do with ourselves and those 20 minuets of freedom. I, personally, have gotten used to taking so much or listening to others talk quiet bugs me. Mom is well…quite the opposite. Haha not much that we are opposite in but hey I’m a teenager I can’t be just  like my mom! Haha. But as I said we don’t know what to do with down time. Granted right now if I have downtime it means I am forgetting to do something…oops…  Yet we need these few minuets to get our barrings and calm down let the stress evaporate and just breath. Like today, no joke it was like 72 degrees and sunny. Uh please and thank you! Normally I do my homework right after school and just get it done but today I grabbed some pretzels went out to the deck, sat in the sun, and called my friend. Sure I brought my backpack out with me,and yes the conversation barley lasted 15 minuets before she had to get ready for volleyball, but I took the time to forget about the 2 hours of homework I had. To forget about hat dance we are performing Saturday and just finished last night. I took the time to enjoy myself. Yay! I think the good weather brought this out in all of us today. When I finished my homework Mom had just gotten back from a walk and Maureen was reading a book. Quiet and relaxing. Then, our families official sign of spring happened. We open the front door and the door to the deck. Next Pandora is turned on and when Sweet Caroline comes on who can resist that dance and sing a long party that is bound to break out? Not us for sure!! A salad was made, lemonade was stirred, our plates overfilled with color and all felt right in the world. This is why I love spring.  The nice weather makes us take a step away from the crazy hustle and bustle and just…smell the roses.

Hugs and Love- Molly