An army

Let’s create an army.

An army that kills….with kindness.

We will be called the kindness kids.

Why? Because not only will we be kind, but we will love like children.

Doesn’t it just sound marvelous?





There are those people who you don’t remember meeting, they have just always been there. Those people often feel like family, whether you see them everyday or once a week or once a year, you are just always comfortable around them. They know you like the back of their hand and vice versa. I was thinking about this the other day. The majority of my close friends I have known for over half my life, granted I am 14 so that isn’t very long, but for me it is. I met 2 of my very best friends when I started pre school, do I remember meeting them? No. Do I remember pre-school at all? Vaguely. I remember a few things with these girls when I was that young, but not much else. My other 2 best friends I remember meeting them but it is not clear as day. I remember I met them in dance and I was 5 and our teacher yelled at us a lot. I remember that I kept going back because I wanted to see my friends. Friends who, even at age 5, I knew were going to be like family. I chose them at age 5. At age 3. Now sure I’m sure my parents had an influence on this too but still. Cool isn’t it? At such a young age we choose people that are going to shape us in to the humans we become. Adults too, now my parents chose what adults were going to hang around me and most of them are still in my life and I have no clue what it would be like with out them. People are amazing. It is amazing that I may have nothing in common with someone but yet I love them as family. It is amazing that just a persons presents can influence you. Soon these people’s traits become your treats too. Like the way my Nana hugs, she hugs you and then when she is about to let go she squeezes you a little tighter ( they are the best hugs), just the other day someone told me I do that and I laughed to myself thinking, “It really is the little things isn’t it?”. I could be the way you say something, pajamas with a long a or short a. The way you think is even influenced by those around you, if they think half empty, you may fall into the same pattern. I don’t notice the traits that I carry on until someone points them out. It makes you think though. How have I influenced those around me? Do others pick things up from me? Am I being a good influence or bad? I am so lucky to be surround by so many amazing people that have made me into a person I am happy with and I just hope that I can someday do the same for others, I hope that today I do the same for others. 

Love and hugs- Molly

How do you see it?

Untitled drawing (3)

Thought I would challenge you this week and leave it plain and simple. I will leave you with a question. Something for you to think on. Something for you to decide whether or not you excel in this area or not. How do you view the word? Positively? Negatively? Are you optimistic? Liberal? Conservative? There is no right or wrong answer as long as YOU are happy with this outlook. So this week challenge is to evaluate yourself. Good luck!

Love and hugs- Molly


Untitled drawing (1)

We all handle everything differently. Some draw, paint, color. Others listen to music and relate their lives to the songs. There are the people that run/walk/exercise. I write. When I write it is like the words just kinda, well, write themselves but yet portray exactly what I want to say. It all seems to come out seamlessly HAHA JK it is NOT seamless, but neither is life. Writing lets me to do something I can’t do any other way. Say my opinion and what I am feeling without being judged. At school you can’t actually write about what you want to in free write because people you know read it. People say things, rumors spread but here I can write without being called a try hard. Because honestly I’m not even trying that hard. Especially when I am upset, it is even easier when I am upset. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am feeling or why and I start writing and BOOM I know. I read my screen and I know. People say “actions speak louder than words”  but for me words are everything. I am the kind of person who loves to read and write and speak. I love to stand up in front of a bunch of people and give a speech much more than I love to get up and show people something I did or can do. I am more likely to leave a note in the bathroom for someone to find than giving a person a random gift. I am more likely to tell someone how AWESOME I think they are vs give them something for it. Words are not used enough people underestimate how much power they have. Words rule the world.  Really though, words are everything. They have so much meaning. When someone is hurting yes the hug you give them is SO comforting and in that moment maybe that is all they want. But if you can find the right words to say that person will feel better for longer. When someone is just lacking the motivation  give them a quick or lengthy speech and you could be the person that keeps them moving. As imple hello could make someone’s day a little less painful. When someone hears news that just wrecks them, words can help. Words are so powerful. My three favorite are: I Love You. These words fit every situation. Your best fiend just failed that pop quiz and lost their game the night before and little sister stole her shoes that day and it feels like in that moment the world is just going against them. Smile and say I love you. Don’t just say it, mean it. mean your words.  If you don’t mean your words then they lose their power. The worst thing we could do is drain these beautiful words of their power. Put meaning behind everything you say. So that when you need them the most you have this incredibly powerful tool. Your words. Sometimes I can’t find the right ones to say and so I just stay silent and in that  moment silence is golden. Even if no words are spoken the meaning is still there. No words are better than meaningless words. Words can be used to do so many wonderful things of we keep them in the precious state they are in. Keep them powerful. Put meaning behind your words. Put meaning behind your silence. Put meaning behind your actions. Put meaning within everything you do in every step you take. Put meaning into your life.

love and hugs- Molly

Mr. I have a dream


     I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today!

– Martin Luther King Jr.

There are very few people in this world who actually live life to their full potential. If you read my latest post day to day I have been on a livin life the best I can kick, and MLK did just that. He changed the world. He didn’t say ” I’m just one person. I can’t help anything.” He said I can. I can change the world, one person at a time. Even though he is 6 feet in the ground he is still inspiring people, his quotes are still being used. And he even gets us out of school for a day!! So many things in our world are the way they are because of him. He changed the way we live life. He is someone we should look up to. He is a hero. We all have the potential to do what he did. We all can changed the world. There was nothing extra special about him. He was just someone who wasn’t afraid to put himself out there and say what he needed to say. Maybe racism isn’t the only thing we need to be fighting for but there are so many other things- abortion, women’s rights in other countries, poverty, etc.

love and hugs- molly

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‘Tis the season


‘Tis the season for many things: for my high school daughter (Molly) it is the season to study, for my youngest it is the season to bake, for my middle child it is the season to curl up and read a good book, for me tis the season to reminisce on the memories. In light of that, I decided to look back on my old blog and share some of these “blog worthy” moments with you all. Remember to slow down this season and enjoy your kids while they are young or if they are old and grown, take time to remember when they were still your babies. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for the girls. We took the traditional photo in the same place so that each year we can compare how much they have grown. ( Like I need a photo to remind me how fast they are growing!)
Apparently this is a new phase of motherhood. I suppose it is called the “no-babies-left-at home-so-start-growing-up-yourself” stage. Given I have the mental age of a 28 year old and am married to a man with the mental age of a 21 year old, the girls will soon be more mature than us.
Life Happens… I might as well embrace it and get ready for this next “stage” of motherhood. Who knows maybe Moms in this stage get a whole new hip-no-spills wardrobe?!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a ride…

The last 5 days have been a roller coaster ride.

My “Cowboy” Grandad of 96 passed away and we celebrated his funeral Mass last week. There were as many laughs as tears and the stories were plentiful. Because he was so healthy and full of spirit, he was able to travel up until the last month of his life. He was famous for his sayings.. our girls favorite is repeated at the dinner table on a regular basis. “Up to my lips, touch my gums, look out guts here it comes.”

On Friday, Maeve who is only in her 2nd week of kindergarten, received a school honor… her name was announced over the intercom for getting the viking virtue for responsibility. However, since Maeve doesn’t know the meaning of “Viking” or “Virtue” and when she hears “Responsibility,” it usually isn’t good. Hence, she thought she was in trouble and had to go see the “principal.” Instead of a proud smile, she burst into tears. Her sisters finally calmed her down and explain it was a “good thing.” So much for her first school honor.

The Irish Festival and Feis was this past weekend. Although I missed thefestivities because of travel, my in-laws accompanied Brian and the girls. Thankfully my MIL was able to curl Molly’s hair ( check out the ringlets that are required for an Irish Dance competition). Molly won a first place in her Single Jig and also medaled in her light jig and slip jig. Upon learning she had won, a bystander was heard saying, “watching her reaction is better than watching the dances!”

The weekend capstonedyesterday at the Body Mind Spirit Triathlon. Our family church group hosted the event. The families participating started preparing last May walking/running 26 miles, reading 26 books and doing 26 acts of service — one mile, one book and one good deed at a time. The celebration run/walk was yesterday. Hundreds of people showed up, and we were able to raise $10,000 to go to a school in Africa. Our Maureen prayed last night in her “specials” that we keep raising money so that all kids everywhere have a school to go to. Amen Maureen!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A “Spook”tacular Halloween

70 degrees AND a Friday night… it doesn’t get any better than that for a Halloween celebration. For dinner we served up brains on a bun, cheese fingers, eyeballs and spider cookies then we were off for some serious Halloween fun.
On to Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Girls, Little Girls… All Around Me All I see isssssss Littttle Girls…

“…Some women are dripping with diamonds, some women are dripping with pearls, lucky me, lucky me, look at what I am dripping with……… little girllllllllllllllls. ” — Ms. Hannigan in “Annie”

Ms Hannigan and I share the same theme song … only it is all in the way you sing it that changes the meaning.

This past weekend Brian and I celebrated Valentines Day and Brian’s 38th birthday in St. Louis. Molly danced in the St. Louis feis and earned herself another medal. Maureen is anxiously awaiting the day she can pin on a number, throw on a wig and dance herself.

On Sunday we played an adult sized “Shoots and Ladders” game at the STL City Museum…even watched a mini circus featuring some amazing circus students…

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Older

It’s trite. “Time Flies.” “They grow up so fast.” “It seems like just yesterday.” All of them. Trite. We need a new phrase that holds the magnitude of what these statements mean.

Today our oldest started middle school, our middle 4th grade and our youngest 2nd. I have been trying to find the words to describe what I am feeling.

I told a friend today that I started having kids at age 12 … I meant that I felt too young to have a “tween.” It was the wrong description. I know because of the blank stare.

How about:

  • I cried today because I realized I embarrassed my child, by just being seen with her
  • I thought by sharing the memories of my first day of 6th grade would be a bonding experience with my child. It wasn’t; she didn’t relate to my story about my new “Jessica McClintock” jumper that I wore on my first day of school.
  • I sang along to one of their favorite songs on the ipod, they stopped singing.

It’s OK. I know I did it to my Mom, too. I guess I should see it as a right of passage. They still said prayers with us tonight. They still kissed us goodnight. They still told us they loved us.

Oh, If Only I Could Freeze Time…. I know…. trite.

Thanks for allowing me a trip down memory lane.  Thanks, too, to Molly for encouraging this Mother/Daughter blog.   Tis the season for new memories!