Busy busy bee!

So I am literally laying in bed thinking about this FABULOUS weekend and how I CANT WAIT until summer. And yes those emotions must be in all caps to properly display my feelings. This weekend my sister and mom escaped for her 14th birthday and left the rest of us in the dust..bummer? Really though they had fun and were missed but let’s be real. Pee wee Sherman and shopping went down up in here and there are ZERO complaints! Saturday my confirmation sponsor and I went out for lunch and prayed for the unborn babies (in 72 degree weather-– God really is good!). Sunday (aka today) Maeve and I went shopping and I was told I was a pretty darn cool big sister.


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She discovered sweet tea and J. crew. And I now own a pencil skirt.  Sorry not sorry?

As you know (maybe maybe not) my sisters and I are Irish dancers (WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE REAL I THOUGHT THEY WERE EXTINCT!) these past few and upcoming weeks have been crazy:: full of practices, lipstick, and wigs. Today we had out final run through for the biggest performances of the weekend and let me tell you tensions were high! Today cuts were made, line ups finalized, and tears shed (not from the Burns clan though!) I am happy to say all 3 of us girls made it and our studio will be showcasing 2 new dances!! Fun times!!

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Lastly form this full of fun weekend I applied for the Woman’s Foundation’s Board of Young Leaders. Say what. Ya, I know. All I know foe sure is that there is a group interview within this month! But hey figured that would be a good way to say:: HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY! To all you powerful chicks out there–we are the future, am I right?

On that note good luck to you all finishing this last week before spring break and if you’re on it now party hard (with Jesus of course, can I get an Amen?)!

Sending you love, hugs, and loads of sunshine!



March Madness

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Oh the puns I could do with this phrase….


But I will not bore you with ALL of them- just the one I am going to base this post on. Our March Madness. If you haven’t noticed most things on this blog has our or us in them because Mom and I are a team. Just like these basketball teams playing this week. The way they win their game is getting the most baskets, scoring the most points. In our game we are trying to get through the day with the least amount of slip ups and stress. Hm kinda different huh? So the team all has the same goal but the different players have a different role in achieving this goal which creates different smaller goals for themselves. Same in our game. This past weekend was St.Patrick’s day and if you don’t know, which many of you probably don’t, I am an Irish dancer. So this weekend has been go, go. GO. We were booked with parades, performances, news shows, parties, you name the celebration we were there. My saying this has a point,  our game this weekend was getting through it without a mess up, missing something, and killing each other from the stress and the craze of it all. My role, as the dancer was to get myself ready ( wig, makeup, costumes, etc), dancing, and to have fun. Mom’s job was to get me there, make sure I stayed safe, happy, fed, and un-injured, and of course take pictures!! Our goal together was achieved, this St. Patrick’s day was a blast and everyone stayed happy and healthy. Believe it or not that was only a part of our March Madness.

March Madness happens to fall at…mid-term… Oh there are the good and the bad with this time of the year. Good- Only half a semester till schools out for summer!!!! The time of year all kids ages 5-18 look forward to. But it also means you better take a long look at those grades and figure out how to help them or explain to your parents and future colleges why they are what they are ( just kidding Mom my grades are fine-pinkie promise! Haha) .  For many students this is/was a time for testing– lucky for me I didn’t have any mid-terms. My mid-term is quite hectic. For my beautiful Mama it means figuring out what to do with us kiddos this summer. Finding camps, a nanny, what dates she and Dad need to take vacation, etc. For her she looks at the year and thinks “Did I get everything done I needed to get done?” “How much more do I have to do?” .  And we all know these questions can  only do one thing. Stress us out.

I don’t want to end a note like stress because just like it is never good to leave a fight angry, it is never good to end a post negative! Haha.  And spring time is something that makes all of us VERY happy! The sunshine, fresh fruit, green veggies, warm weather, seersucker pants (random but come on seersucker season is here people! And I for one am very happy!!) make me smile. And I love to smile.

Hugs and love and (what the heck I can change it up) many smiles- Molly