40 days of meaning

Happy Lent!!
….well not really but ya’ feel me.
Every year deciding what to give up and what I will do further my relationship with Christ is a serious struggle. I always end up giving something superficial up and calling it good, but this year I’m trying something new. Now I am still giving up something, bye bye bread for the next 40 (+4) days, but I am also doing what I call 40 days of meaning. For the next 40 days I will take a picture of something I deem meaningful. It could be a bible verse or a cup of coffee, anything that made me smile or thankful. My extra challenge with this little photo hunt I’m on is to make sure not everything is fun and happy because often the things that make the most meaningful impacts are negative. Bummer right? But for every negative yet meaningful moment there is a positive impact. And Lent is a perfect example of this. What happened to our man Jesus was a little (ok a whole lot) more than just a bummer, yet see the positive impact? Besides the pastel colors and Easter eggs, even besides the Resurrection (I am NOT down playing the Resurrection, the man rose for the dead——how on earth do you downplay that???), the impact Jesus’ suffering and passion made on humanity for the rest of eternity is pretty dang fabulous. I mean a perfect man saw His life inferior to ours, and because of this His life will forever be superior. So this year I will unite my suffering with Christ and put meaning behind my lack of bread and many photographs. This lent I search for meaning in Christ and meaning in the little things in life.
Sending you Love and Hugs

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Untitled drawing (1)

We all handle everything differently. Some draw, paint, color. Others listen to music and relate their lives to the songs. There are the people that run/walk/exercise. I write. When I write it is like the words just kinda, well, write themselves but yet portray exactly what I want to say. It all seems to come out seamlessly HAHA JK it is NOT seamless, but neither is life. Writing lets me to do something I can’t do any other way. Say my opinion and what I am feeling without being judged. At school you can’t actually write about what you want to in free write because people you know read it. People say things, rumors spread but here I can write without being called a try hard. Because honestly I’m not even trying that hard. Especially when I am upset, it is even easier when I am upset. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am feeling or why and I start writing and BOOM I know. I read my screen and I know. People say “actions speak louder than words”  but for me words are everything. I am the kind of person who loves to read and write and speak. I love to stand up in front of a bunch of people and give a speech much more than I love to get up and show people something I did or can do. I am more likely to leave a note in the bathroom for someone to find than giving a person a random gift. I am more likely to tell someone how AWESOME I think they are vs give them something for it. Words are not used enough people underestimate how much power they have. Words rule the world.  Really though, words are everything. They have so much meaning. When someone is hurting yes the hug you give them is SO comforting and in that moment maybe that is all they want. But if you can find the right words to say that person will feel better for longer. When someone is just lacking the motivation  give them a quick or lengthy speech and you could be the person that keeps them moving. As imple hello could make someone’s day a little less painful. When someone hears news that just wrecks them, words can help. Words are so powerful. My three favorite are: I Love You. These words fit every situation. Your best fiend just failed that pop quiz and lost their game the night before and little sister stole her shoes that day and it feels like in that moment the world is just going against them. Smile and say I love you. Don’t just say it, mean it. mean your words.  If you don’t mean your words then they lose their power. The worst thing we could do is drain these beautiful words of their power. Put meaning behind everything you say. So that when you need them the most you have this incredibly powerful tool. Your words. Sometimes I can’t find the right ones to say and so I just stay silent and in that  moment silence is golden. Even if no words are spoken the meaning is still there. No words are better than meaningless words. Words can be used to do so many wonderful things of we keep them in the precious state they are in. Keep them powerful. Put meaning behind your words. Put meaning behind your silence. Put meaning behind your actions. Put meaning within everything you do in every step you take. Put meaning into your life.

love and hugs- Molly