Those days.


It’s a little too soon to be pulling the whole “lists are getting longer, days are getting shorter'” thing but let’s be real; the to do lists keep growing and we are running out of time. I’m kinda hatin’ on this whole school¬†thing. I have a week until I am on a campus I know next to nothing about, knowing next to no one and my homework isn’t done yet. Yuck. Yuck x1o. But I am quickly realizing that sometimes life isn’t always going to be color coordinated; my ducks won’t always be in a row, and labeling doesn’t always work. ¬†Life throws some serious curve balls and sometimes they hit us straight in the gut–unfortunately we don’t get to walk to a base when we get hit with these pitches, we gotta buck up and take them. Again, yuck. These pitches knock us off our A game and sometimes leave us limping or gasping for air, but we keep chugging on. We keep smiling, and reorganizing. We keep shaking hands and kissing babies. We don’t stop, we can’t stop. Sometimes Miley does say it how it is…as long as you take it out of context and don’t listen too closely to the lyrics… So my dears one step in front of the other, one check list after the other, and don’t forget to give the pitcher a flock every once and awhile. (Family joke—just tell the guy on the mound how you really feel). Some days you are going to cry over milk that hasn’t spilled, stub your toe on the corner you walk by everyday, and not cross one thing off your ever growing list and that is ok. On those days pour yourself an extra cup of coffee, enjoy a sweet dessert, and go to bed early because those days happen. So here is to those awful pitches, unorganized calendars, new things, long to do lists, and feeling defeated.