I should be studying…or doing proofs…or finalizing that design…

Type eeeeerrrrrrraaaaaassssssseeeeee, type, back it up, type, redo.
It’s never quite right. My words feel scattered and unorganized, my mind flipping back to that test I thought I was ready for but am now feeling the pressing need to cram. The quiz I have practiced for yet am scared to walk into the classroom for. The idea and concept that each day I go from information pod to information pod leaving with a tad but more knowledge just to be smothered by the completely unrelated topic I am learning about in the next room. I get homework that reminds me of the idea or scares me of the thought that I may have just learned nothing and/or it was just squish squashed by the thoughts and concepts put in my head by the next teacher. Reminders such as breath make the weight of the idea that I am behind or wasting some teachers (and mine for that matter) time a little lighter. I just get his over whelming feeling that from each classroom i leave ideas incomplete, questions unanswered, and concepts to be forgotten so that I may try and push 40 minuets of information into my brain over and over again. Is there any possible way I am actually making progress or am I just fooling myself here. Is it normal I don’t remember if I took notes in Adv World Lit or had another debate…now what did we debate about…did I forget to take notes on something…is that post it for this class or that one…..