I just keep hitting that button. That curved arrow. Again and again. The same song playing, running through my earphones, charging into my brain. It’s not even a fun, up beat, cheerful song. It’s slow. It tells a story I have never experienced. Yet this song speaks to me, I could listen all day. “Spinning you ’round and ’round in circles” . I don’t listen to country on my free time. But here I am. Right now even, I’m listening. And why? Why can’t I get enough of this song? This song that has nothing pertaining to my life right now? Why must I just lay here and listen? Normally I could think for awhile and come up with some answer that a normal 15 year old wouldn’t. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to tear apart a song and decipher why I like it so much. I do that all too often. I think too much. I speak too much. I need to just listen, sit back and listen. Watch for a little while. Hold all judgments back, keep opinions to myself. Just let life be life. Let myself be a teenage girl who doesn’t know all the answers, because even though that scares the hibbie-gebies out of me, I can’t expect myself to always know why. To always know what to say. I can only expect myself to accept myself. But that can be just as hard as knowing all the answers.

I could sit here and try to explain that last sentence, tell you that for me the path to accepting is knowing the answers. Tell you that for me to accept myself I need to reach this impossible standard of perfection. But that’s not entirely true. Sure knowing the answers and the facts help but I am still sometimes going to be oblivious to the world around me. Acceptance of anything happens one step at a time, not all at once. So this is especially tricky when it comes to ourselves, because we change in a daily basis. Sometimes it feels  we take 2 steps forward 3 steps back. Again and again. So what. So what we aren’t perfect. So what we can’t master the strange and difficult task of acceptance. We are trying, people get places by trying. So, we’re gettin’ places. I don’t know where, or when but we are gettin’ there, and once we are there a new task will meet us at the door. Flying 90 m/h straight in the gut. And you know what? We will keep going. Why? We are just like this song. We:





How do you see it?

Untitled drawing (3)

Thought I would challenge you this week and leave it plain and simple. I will leave you with a question. Something for you to think on. Something for you to decide whether or not you excel in this area or not. How do you view the word? Positively? Negatively? Are you optimistic? Liberal? Conservative? There is no right or wrong answer as long as YOU are happy with this outlook. So this week challenge is to evaluate yourself. Good luck!

Love and hugs- Molly


Untitled drawing (1)

We all handle everything differently. Some draw, paint, color. Others listen to music and relate their lives to the songs. There are the people that run/walk/exercise. I write. When I write it is like the words just kinda, well, write themselves but yet portray exactly what I want to say. It all seems to come out seamlessly HAHA JK it is NOT seamless, but neither is life. Writing lets me to do something I can’t do any other way. Say my opinion and what I am feeling without being judged. At school you can’t actually write about what you want to in free write because people you know read it. People say things, rumors spread but here I can write without being called a try hard. Because honestly I’m not even trying that hard. Especially when I am upset, it is even easier when I am upset. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am feeling or why and I start writing and BOOM I know. I read my screen and I know. People say “actions speak louder than words”  but for me words are everything. I am the kind of person who loves to read and write and speak. I love to stand up in front of a bunch of people and give a speech much more than I love to get up and show people something I did or can do. I am more likely to leave a note in the bathroom for someone to find than giving a person a random gift. I am more likely to tell someone how AWESOME I think they are vs give them something for it. Words are not used enough people underestimate how much power they have. Words rule the world.  Really though, words are everything. They have so much meaning. When someone is hurting yes the hug you give them is SO comforting and in that moment maybe that is all they want. But if you can find the right words to say that person will feel better for longer. When someone is just lacking the motivation  give them a quick or lengthy speech and you could be the person that keeps them moving. As imple hello could make someone’s day a little less painful. When someone hears news that just wrecks them, words can help. Words are so powerful. My three favorite are: I Love You. These words fit every situation. Your best fiend just failed that pop quiz and lost their game the night before and little sister stole her shoes that day and it feels like in that moment the world is just going against them. Smile and say I love you. Don’t just say it, mean it. mean your words.  If you don’t mean your words then they lose their power. The worst thing we could do is drain these beautiful words of their power. Put meaning behind everything you say. So that when you need them the most you have this incredibly powerful tool. Your words. Sometimes I can’t find the right ones to say and so I just stay silent and in that  moment silence is golden. Even if no words are spoken the meaning is still there. No words are better than meaningless words. Words can be used to do so many wonderful things of we keep them in the precious state they are in. Keep them powerful. Put meaning behind your words. Put meaning behind your silence. Put meaning behind your actions. Put meaning within everything you do in every step you take. Put meaning into your life.

love and hugs- Molly

Whatever is god for the soul, do that

good for the soul

Not to be confused with

• What feels good, do that

• What is easiest, do that

• What gives you instant gratification, do that

In fact, doing what is good for the soul, could actually the exact opposite of the above. If we could  all big decision in our life with “what is best for the soul,” then we would be open to taking the harder route, to being patient, to prolonging our rewards. After all, it is the soul that has eternal life not our bodies. Why is it so hard then to deny the instant gratification our bodies’ crave. As the Lenten season approaches, this is going to be my pilgrimage I will be working on changing my priorities to put my soul (and others souls) first.

God Speed. Mary.

Butterflies vs wasps

We all get that feeling in our tummies when we are nervous/excited… most people call it butterflies, which is exactly what we call it around this home. Butterflies. Personally I believe butterflies are a sign of goodness (yes, that is how I chose to word that. A teenager is sometimes is allowed to break the laws of grammar. Plus I think you all would rather me break the laws of grammar vs the laws of the police, am I right?). They are a good sign. But what happens when you are nervous? Unfortunately, I naturally am nervous more than excited. I think it may be the fact that I over think EVERYTHING, but whatever, not the theme of the post for today. Now wasps they buzz around just like butterflies, but they are a sign of badness  (there I go again, *tisk tisk*). So I think wasps are reserved for when we are nervous and butterflies when we are excited. Now when saying this, I am aware that they feel the same, why I don’t know and am not particularly interested in finding out (body chemical wise), but I do find that thought pondering.  This summer during dance camp we had different dance teachers come in and give us a sneak peek into how they do it.   Also we had a theater guy come in and give us tips on stage presence and what not.  He was the one that brought this into my head. He brought up the point of “you choose.” You choose if you want it to be butterflies or wasps. Granted he didn’t word that the same way. But ya know, when it works it works. So this is my mindset this week. I want to be excited vs. nervous. I choose butterflies. When I hit the stage this weekend that is all I will be thinking. Butterflies…oh and FACE don’t forget you FACIALS!

Love and hugs- Molly

Stop the glorification of busy


It used to be that if you asked someone “how are you?” the response was typically, “Fine, thank you.”Now it seems that the most overused answer to the age-old question is, “BUSY.”Why is this? Are we truly all that busy or do we say it because are we afraid we won’t look like we are trying hard enough at work, at home, with our kids, in life?? I suppose it is a little of both. We do try to schedule too much in our given 24 hours a day and often times, we probably do so because it is what “we are expected to do.”I have had the pleasure of working from home the last two days because of a snowmaggden outside. Not being able to leave the house changes ones perspective. Sure I still worked remotely and there was still laundry, cleaning, shoveling and cooking that had to get one. But between myself and our three girls contributing, our pace was, dare I say, relaxed. And… you know what? I believe I accomplished more these last two days than I would have during my typical “busy” days. Not only did I accomplish more but I had some extra time. Extra time to write this blog post that Molly has been begging me to write but I have been too busy to do so. Extra time to respond thoughtfully to some work emails instead of my usual quick responses. Extra time to play card games with the girls in the evening instead of running them to their activities. The snow will melt and we will be back at our busy pace soon. But I will think twice before I embrace being too busy. I will look for ways to de-clutter my day’s agenda so that I can experience the day vs surviving the day. I will stop glorifying being busy.

There are always 2 sides

good vs bad

Good and bad. Nice and evil. Truth and lies. To every positive there is a negative. To every event there are two consequences. A good and a bad. A simple snow day, for example – Good: No school, sleep in, relax. Bad: Another day at the end of the year, missed work, restless children. So, ok, that really isn’t something we can control but there are so many things in our day-to-day lives that have two outcomes, good and bad. From a high school perspective, I feel as though I am constantly being judged.  Sometimes it is the good part of the consequence and sometimes the bad, but most often, it is both. You tell someone you like their hair. That person thinks you are really nice and appreciates the compliment. The person next to her thinks you are being fake and just trying to get everyone to like you. You put yourself together in the mornings (style hair, iron uniform, put on makeup, etc.) and you get labeled as a “try hard” and/or someone who puts effort in the way they look. This one gets on my nerves SO much, ughh I hate it when people say this; a guy holds the door open for the girl behind him and he automatically becomes “whipped.” Really, people? We are going to persecute the few high school boys who are still polite? No, they are not “whipped” they just simply have manners. And the bad things have double consequences, too. Say you break your grounding and go out to a party –  good: you have  fun for a few hours. Bad: You get home and are in BIG trouble! The thing is with this whole double consequence thing, one is almost always more dominate than the other. YOU have control over which you make the dominate. When that girl’s hair looks really pretty, are you going to think about what everyone else says or are you going to think about how you will make her day? YOU decide on that one. Sometimes I catch myself needing others approval more than my own. That is not what I want but for some reason it happens time after time. My long term goal is to never base my decisions on the popular choice. Someday my decisions will be made because that is the decision I wanted to.  So my challenge to you (and me) this week is to do what you want to do and dwell on the positive side of  your consequences.

Love and hugs- Molly

Be the golden rule

golden rule

Forever we are told, ” Treat others as you want to be treated”. Sure there are many different ways to say it: “That wasn’t very nice, would you like it if he/she did that to you?”,”Only dish it make sure you can take it”,”What goes around comes around”,”Tweet others how you want to be tweeted” (Yes I saw this on my feed yesterday, needless to say I laughed out loud!!) And so many other ways. We are told to treat others nicely because we want to be treated nicely. My challenge to you is to be the golden rule. Be even nicer to others than you expect to be treated yourself. Put other first because they belong there. I remember this poster in my first grade teachers classroom that read:




Joy is Jesus, others, yourself. The golden rule is, well the golden rule. It is the standard for life. Treat others as well as you want to be treated. But shouldn’t we want to rise above the standard? Shouldn’t we not only want others to be happy and feel good about themselves but also inspire them to do the same to others? Rise up to the occasion to making someone feel special. Make it your mission everyday when you wake up to make someone’s day extraordinary. This will not only make them feel great but you will too. Send that text reminding an old friend or family member you are thinking about them. Smile at someone who doesn’t get a lot of smiles. Be EXTRA patient with that peer that tends to lag behind. (I need to work on this!!) Be the golden rule, but yet be more. Set the standard higher than being kind to people because you want others to be kind to you.

Hugs and Love- Molly

Weekly Wrap Up

weekly wrap up

I like wrapping up my week with you all!! So it is going to be our Friday thing! We have been posting like crazy on the Insta ( yes I nick-named it) and tweetin like mad on the twitter!! If you want to join in on the fun look up @doubletake_x2 !! Annnyyyywwwaaaaayyyyy on to my week!!

Monday- Who doesn’t love a day off? And for a good reason!! We got to chill out and see some fun friends. To start off the day we saw an old family friend and brought her Smallcake cupcakes! I have never seen a person love frosting so much, and it is well deserved, their frosting is nothing short of AMAZING!  After that the fun continued (whhaaaat?! Never ending fun? Yep!) my sisters and I got to be fitness models for my cousin’s wife…so my cousin-in-law..?  And that was fun, I mean any excuse for me to wear overly matchy matchy workout stuff with out being made fun of and act like I’m working out without being sweaty, sign me up!!

Tuesday- No homework and dance class. I say this day is about as good as a school day gets!

Wednesday- Lovin that start life!! It makes your whole day better, thank you extra hour of sleep! Plus watched a great movie in religion October Baby. This really wasn’t a religion movie but it was pretty inspiring! Highly recommend!

Thursday- Again another wonder, beautiful, sent straight from heaven itself, late start. I’m tellin’ ya, they’re fabulous! Also I got to start it off by collaborating ideas in stuco, I get an extreme satisfaction from making decisions and writing down dates….it’s the small things! To add on to a wonderful beginning Mr. Schimty may have forgotten he had a lesson plan and told us stories from his high school years, I was laughing so hard that I thought I had a 6 pack leaving his class!! And I got to end it in dance, always the highlight of the day especially when we bond over the Frozen soundtrack!

Friday- Fun day Friday! Today we had 22 min classes, so not too much work was done, but we celebrated Mass and had a pep assembly!  At the pep assembly we found out who was on our winter formal’s court, I definitely approve of who was voted on! Congrats boys! To end it all pizza was ordered and Friday is bride day on TLC so my night has been planned!

So that’s a wrap!! ( I thought that was a fun way to wrap up the weekly wrap up!!! ) Hope you all had a wonderful week!!

Hugs and Love- Molly

day to day

blank blue dots

Recently I feel like I do the same thing everyday. Get up, go to school, pay attention in half the classes, come home and complain about the teachers and who knows what else, do homework, go to dance, come home, shower, and go to bed.  I even eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch! Every. Single. Day. I realized this when my friend asked me the ultimate small talk question ” So what’s new with you?”  What is new with me? Nothing. I am just going through life day by day. I am done with that… I want to live my life. I don’t want the only thing I look forward to be late start on Wednesday mornings (but I will never stop being excited for an extra hour of sleep!)  I want to look forward to make a difference in someone’s day. I don’t want to walk so close to the walls that I bump into them when I turn the corner. I want to not be afraid to walk strait down the middle of the hallway ( granted, I will not do that because, well, being a 5’2 freshman girl, I will be run over!). But let my point be taken. I want to live my life and look forward to waking up in the morning and showing people who I am inside my heart. Last year I wrote a book for school called beYOUtiful.  Now, granted it was about a crayon accepting himself and glowing in the dark, but we need to remember that it applies to us, too. The most beautiful people are the people who truly believe they are beYOUtiful. Those people live life, they just don’t got through it. So that is my semester goal. Live my life, because it could be snatched away from me in a snap.  Are you living life or just going through it?

Love and hugs- Molly