Weekly Wrap Up

weekly wrap up

I like wrapping up my week with you all!! So it is going to be our Friday thing! We have been posting like crazy on the Insta ( yes I nick-named it) and tweetin like mad on the twitter!! If you want to join in on the fun look up @doubletake_x2 !! Annnyyyywwwaaaaayyyyy on to my week!!

Monday- Who doesn’t love a day off? And for a good reason!! We got to chill out and see some fun friends. To start off the day we saw an old family friend and brought her Smallcake cupcakes! I have never seen a person love frosting so much, and it is well deserved, their frosting is nothing short of AMAZING!  After that the fun continued (whhaaaat?! Never ending fun? Yep!) my sisters and I got to be fitness models for my cousin’s wife…so my cousin-in-law..?  And that was fun, I mean any excuse for me to wear overly matchy matchy workout stuff with out being made fun of and act like I’m working out without being sweaty, sign me up!!

Tuesday- No homework and dance class. I say this day is about as good as a school day gets!

Wednesday- Lovin that start life!! It makes your whole day better, thank you extra hour of sleep! Plus watched a great movie in religion October Baby. This really wasn’t a religion movie but it was pretty inspiring! Highly recommend!

Thursday- Again another wonder, beautiful, sent straight from heaven itself, late start. I’m tellin’ ya, they’re fabulous! Also I got to start it off by collaborating ideas in stuco, I get an extreme satisfaction from making decisions and writing down dates….it’s the small things! To add on to a wonderful beginning Mr. Schimty may have forgotten he had a lesson plan and told us stories from his high school years, I was laughing so hard that I thought I had a 6 pack leaving his class!! And I got to end it in dance, always the highlight of the day especially when we bond over the Frozen soundtrack!

Friday- Fun day Friday! Today we had 22 min classes, so not too much work was done, but we celebrated Mass and had a pep assembly!  At the pep assembly we found out who was on our winter formal’s court, I definitely approve of who was voted on! Congrats boys! To end it all pizza was ordered and Friday is bride day on TLC so my night has been planned!

So that’s a wrap!! ( I thought that was a fun way to wrap up the weekly wrap up!!! ) Hope you all had a wonderful week!!

Hugs and Love- Molly


Weekly Wrap Up.

weekly wrap up

What a week! Holy cow! We both have earned our sleep every night. Do you ever feel that somedays you deserve to rest and sleep more than other days? Or is that just me, because it very well could be! But every night this week ( besides Monday, I had a snow day!) I have gone hard all day. My sleep and weekend are well deserved this week!  This week has been full of ideas, girl drama, stressing about school ( yep, first week back and I already am stressed.), trying new things, and most of all putting myself out there; in more ways than one.  So to go along with my theme of the week I will try a new type of witting, a different kind of post.

Monday: SNOW DAY! This day was spent catching up on sleep and being lazy. The only productive thing that came out of this day was I started The Book Thief. So far it is fabulous, highly recommend! 

Tuesday: Back to school. Time to wake up at the break of dawn, start using my brain, and dealing with the girl drama (we have a girls ask guys dance coming up and, well, that should speak for itself!). So it is safe to say I was NOT ready for that. Then off to dance practice.I love ending my day this way, it relaxes me and I get to end my day on a high note!

Wednesday: School…again. Did you know that high school girls are catty? Ha. I would never have guessed. But my religion teacher had the best lecture, it was one of those that leave you thinking long after class was over. And there was dance, to once again, clear my mind.

Thursday: Wake up and go, go, go! First a stuco meeting, then learning, Sweetheart is another day closer ( oh no! ), next off to the pre-school classroom for some service hours and time with those sweet kids! After that was something I was honestly proud of myself for doing,as you may have seen on our Instagram (@Doubletake_x2) I tried out for the school play, and to say I was nervous is an understatement! But I did it and felt good about it! Part or no part I tried something new. Then off to dance again, something new and something old. And I am loving both!

Friday: Today (normally my favorite day of the week) started off by oversleeping and realizing that I may have plugged my phone into my charger but the charger is not be in the wall. After that it lead to a day of pop quizzes (3 to be exact), MORE drama, me accidentally getting into it by trying to help someone out of a situation they didn’t want to be in, finding out 5 of my former dance friends transferred to the opposing school (this hit really hard for me), but then it all was made better by a classic movie Sleepless in Seattle and a good friend, and getting a date so I can stay out of the drama for good!

So there was my week. Believe it or not this week was a learning moment for me and my mom. Sometimes high school is stereotypical, and many times I want to be a social turtle.  But that is when you need to switch it up, try something new, and who knows maybe you will love it. I did. As my dance teacher always says ” If you feel awkward or uncomfortable, you’re doing it right”  That was my theme this week. What was yours?

Hugs and love- Molly