Pour the coffee sista

Sometimes I drop off the face of the earth…sorry ‘bout that. But this time I didn’t, I had to make a list about my to do list. You know the final draft of the to do list, the one thats put in order of priorities and sometimes even categorized to the different sections of my life? Ya, that to do list. Unfortunately that to do list even looks messy. It starts off all in a line, in order, but as I go I remember things I have to do and just throw them down, then the crossing off comes in and there are lines everywhere notes on what still needs to be done and why. The point of me telling you this is that I’m not meaning to leave you high and dry but this falls between make tomorrow’s lunch and pinterest. For real though I wish I had more time for you.

There really aren’t enough hours in a day. Yesterday for example. 6 am my alarm screams pulling me from that fabulous thing called sleep. The there’s that whole school thing–7 hrs later I sit on the side of a road cheering on our Cross Country team. From there to dance (I’m tellin’ you all there is no better feeling than when a kid you teach catches on to a movement/ dance and gets excited about it with you. Ahg I could do that all night!) And all too soon, it’s over. I get home for the first time in 13 hours around 7:30 eat dinner and disappear to do homework, look up and to see that PM is now AM, I cut my losses and get some sleep. 5:30—time to do it again! Pour the tea or coffee or honestly any caffeinated beverage and let’s do this thang.

No, I don’t have much downtime but I appreciate that sweet time when I’ve got it! I have learned to appreciate caffeine in its truest form–black coffee, and messy buns are simply protocol. Lists are a necessity otherwise something will be left out. Even with them not everything gets done. I’ve learned how to say no to extra jobs (I mean kinda…) and pencils are great for erasing. Somedays I most definitely feel like play doh being pulled and stretched and rolled so thin that I get that hole smack dab in the middle but I roll back up and come out whole.

My mom’s friend told me to “Seek to be whole, not perfect.”. Well, I’m a whole lot of a little bit of everything, perfect not being one of them but it’s all a learning experience. No one can learn how to live my days for me, no one can say how I learn best but me. So I will learn to live my days using all but 6 hours for sleep (that’s my goal somedays it more or less but sleep rolls over doesn’t it? Oh it doesn’t? Opps..). They say it takes 20 days to create a habit, but life isn’t a habit– no 2 days are alike. So we adjust and deal.

Just remember– you’re too legit to quit.

Love, hugs, and many cups of coffee


Those days.


It’s a little too soon to be pulling the whole “lists are getting longer, days are getting shorter'” thing but let’s be real; the to do lists keep growing and we are running out of time. I’m kinda hatin’ on this whole school thing. I have a week until I am on a campus I know next to nothing about, knowing next to no one and my homework isn’t done yet. Yuck. Yuck x1o. But I am quickly realizing that sometimes life isn’t always going to be color coordinated; my ducks won’t always be in a row, and labeling doesn’t always work.  Life throws some serious curve balls and sometimes they hit us straight in the gut–unfortunately we don’t get to walk to a base when we get hit with these pitches, we gotta buck up and take them. Again, yuck. These pitches knock us off our A game and sometimes leave us limping or gasping for air, but we keep chugging on. We keep smiling, and reorganizing. We keep shaking hands and kissing babies. We don’t stop, we can’t stop. Sometimes Miley does say it how it is…as long as you take it out of context and don’t listen too closely to the lyrics… So my dears one step in front of the other, one check list after the other, and don’t forget to give the pitcher a flock every once and awhile. (Family joke—just tell the guy on the mound how you really feel). Some days you are going to cry over milk that hasn’t spilled, stub your toe on the corner you walk by everyday, and not cross one thing off your ever growing list and that is ok. On those days pour yourself an extra cup of coffee, enjoy a sweet dessert, and go to bed early because those days happen. So here is to those awful pitches, unorganized calendars, new things, long to do lists, and feeling defeated.