How do you see it?

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Thought I would challenge you this week and leave it plain and simple. I will leave you with a question. Something for you to think on. Something for you to decide whether or not you excel in this area or not. How do you view the word? Positively? Negatively? Are you optimistic? Liberal? Conservative? There is no right or wrong answer as long as YOU are happy with this outlook. So this week challenge is to evaluate yourself. Good luck!

Love and hugs- Molly


There are always 2 sides

good vs bad

Good and bad. Nice and evil. Truth and lies. To every positive there is a negative. To every event there are two consequences. A good and a bad. A simple snow day, for example – Good: No school, sleep in, relax. Bad: Another day at the end of the year, missed work, restless children. So, ok, that really isn’t something we can control but there are so many things in our day-to-day lives that have two outcomes, good and bad. From a high school perspective, I feel as though I am constantly being judged.  Sometimes it is the good part of the consequence and sometimes the bad, but most often, it is both. You tell someone you like their hair. That person thinks you are really nice and appreciates the compliment. The person next to her thinks you are being fake and just trying to get everyone to like you. You put yourself together in the mornings (style hair, iron uniform, put on makeup, etc.) and you get labeled as a “try hard” and/or someone who puts effort in the way they look. This one gets on my nerves SO much, ughh I hate it when people say this; a guy holds the door open for the girl behind him and he automatically becomes “whipped.” Really, people? We are going to persecute the few high school boys who are still polite? No, they are not “whipped” they just simply have manners. And the bad things have double consequences, too. Say you break your grounding and go out to a party –  good: you have  fun for a few hours. Bad: You get home and are in BIG trouble! The thing is with this whole double consequence thing, one is almost always more dominate than the other. YOU have control over which you make the dominate. When that girl’s hair looks really pretty, are you going to think about what everyone else says or are you going to think about how you will make her day? YOU decide on that one. Sometimes I catch myself needing others approval more than my own. That is not what I want but for some reason it happens time after time. My long term goal is to never base my decisions on the popular choice. Someday my decisions will be made because that is the decision I wanted to.  So my challenge to you (and me) this week is to do what you want to do and dwell on the positive side of  your consequences.

Love and hugs- Molly